Been using Emacs since 2005.

Several Emacs Lisp packages carry my signature:

Also I am – though not very actively – making an emacs interface for use of TV-cards: zap.el. Zap.el is what you might call a settopbox-application. Changing channels, ripping output of tv_grab_** for a tv-guide in emacs lisp, scheduling recordings, stuff like that is on my (partially fulfilled) wish-list.

Note that zap.el is way from being produktionsfaehig, but for the interested, there it is.

I started using emacs beginning 2005 because I got fed up with word processors dictating what I write while I was writing papers for my study of Public International Law (in the intermediate phase, I simply used a typewriter). Using emacs and GNU/Linux (which I began to use because of my inner tendency to question mainstream thoughts and practices), and a desire to make things work as I want them drew me into the world of programming.

For more info on me you can look on my website.

On IRC and elsewhere on this wiki, I happen to be known as pft.