Apache OpenOffice is a FreeSoftware office suite available for many platforms. Writer, the word processor of OpenOffice, is nothing like Emacs. People have petitioned that Emacs key bindings be imported. Note that in 2010 OpenOffice was forked into LibreOffice, which, by 2015, sustained enormously larger developer activity than OpenOffice. See Development activity in LibreOffice and OpenOffice {}. In 2016, according to Wikipedia (Apache OpenOffice - Wikipedia), OpenOffice’s project management committee chair Dennis Hamilton began a discussion of possibly discontinuing the project, after the Apache board had put them on monthly reporting due to the project’s ongoing problems handling security issues. There have been continual problems providing timely fixes to security vulnerabilities since 2015. Major GNU/Linux distributions such as Debian and Fedora have long since replaced OpenOffice with LibreOffice – Debian in version Wheezy (released in May 2013) and Fedora in version 15 (released in May 2011). Sources: OpenOffice - Debian Wiki, Fedora version history - Wikipedia.

OpenOffice stores data in OpenDocument format, which you can partially view and edit in Emacs too.

For information on using Emacs to develop OpenOffice, see the Editor Emacs entry on the Wiki

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