org2blog/atom is one of two packages named org2blog. Org2BlogWp is the other. Both org2blogs let you post blogs from OrgMode, just to different blogs.

org2blog/atom is for blogs that use the Atom API, for instance Google’s Blogger. It depends on g-client. org2blog/atom lives in a git repo here.

It recognizes the usual org file export properties, such as #+TITLE: #+OPTIONS:, and #+AUTHOR: It also recognizes #+BLOGLABELS:, which gives one or more labels to your post.

Entry points are:

Instructions how to use it:

That will prompt you for a blog location and blog name if neccessary. Then it will put you in a gclient gblogger buffer with the post all set up. It should be ready to go, but you can inspect it anyways.

The same works for photos, as long as org2blog/atom is loaded when they are uploaded via gclient or via org2blog-dir-add-new-photos