Library Information

org-readme.el — Integrates and Commentary/Change-logs.

Possible Dependencies

cl-lib yaoddmuse http-post-simple org-html auto-document


To make sure you have the most up-to-date version of this library it is best to install using the emacs package system, with the appropriate repository added (e.g

To install without using a package manager:

Using org-readme

Org readme is used to:

All other sections of the are then put into the “Commentary” section of the

In addition this library defines org-readme-sync, a convenience function that:

When org-readme-sync is called in a file that is not a single lisp file, the function exports the readme in EmacsWiki format and posts it to the EmacsWiki.

EmacsWiki Page Names

EmacsWiki Page names are generated from the file. org-readme.el would generate a page of OrgReadme.

Why each required library is needed

There are a few required libraries. This is a list of the require libraries and why they are needed.

Library Why it is needed
yaoddmuse Publish to emacswiki
http-post-simple Publish to
header2To create header and changelog
lib-requires To generate the library dependencies
auto-document To generate list of commands & options within elisp file (optional)


If you use auto-insert you may need to change your elisp entry of auto-insert-alist so that the end of the header section matches org-readme-end-section-regexp

Commands & keybindings

Below is a complete list of commands:

Customizable Options

Below is a list of customizable options:


This was generated with OrgReadme. On updating the library, this page is likely to be replaced with updated content.