If you have a regular expression with a fixed delimiter as part of the regular expression at the beginning and the end, how can one replace multiple occurrences of this expression in a series?


 xxxx A1 AB6 AC4 AF2 xxxxxx

Now you want the regular expression to be ” A[B-F][1-9] “. Notice the spaces at both ends. This means that the first match will “eat” the space following the digit, so that the next group does not have a leading space.


Regular expressions have “zero-width assertions” for this. use \b to match a “word boundary”. Example: “\\bA[B-F][1-9]\\b” (remember to double backslashes in Lisp strings).

If you want to replace the space as well, choose wether you want to eat the leading or the trailing space, or (better), make eating spaces optional: “A[B-F][1-9] *” – this will eat all following spaces, if any.