Page mode is a minor mode by BartMassey that shows only a page at a time of a file in the buffer by using Narrowing on PageBreaks. The goal was to make an EmacsPresentation for talks and lectures using Emacs. When using the mode’s navigation commands between pages, the top of the page is shown.

Turn on Page mode with ‘M-x page-mode’. Navigation and editing commands are on the ‘C-c’ prefix key.

C-c C-nForward page
C-c C-pBackward page
C-c <First page
C-c >Last page
C-u N C-c gGo to page N
C-c sStart new page at point
C-c nNew page after current
C-c iInsert page before current
C-c qTurn off page mode

Though, you can do much with Page mode as with the ExtendedPageHandling library, page-ext.el library, shipped with Emacs for many years. Additionally, it has support for sorting and searching of pages and also boasts a directory interface for navigating pages by their heading.

To browse text files that contain ^L page feed markers, see TinyPage.

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