Hello everyone.

My name is Palak Mathur. I am an Indian living in USA. My Freenode nicks are aqualogic and systemhalted. I have a personal weblog:

I have been using Emacs for quite a few years now but started really using it after reading "Basic Emacs by Daniel Higginbotham" last year that helped me configure my Emacs the way I wanted. I use Emacs for learning Haskell, checking and sending emails (as Gmail client) using VM and taking notes. I find emacswiki very useful.

I work with Capital One as a Platform Architect for our Spring Batch infrastructure which runs highly customizedo Chronos + Mesosphere configuration and most of the time I need to be login into machine and maintaining the sanity of the systems and Shell comes to rescue here. I love the comfort of emacs.

My primary programming language is Java and for that I have not yet configured Emacs but I use Intellij IDEA which I try to use with Emacs key bindings (I switch between macOS keybindings and emacs keybindings).

Hope to spread the love of Emacs.

Welcome to the wiki. – DrewAdams