I threw together a quick wrapper around App::EditorTools. App::EditorTools exposes some of the Perl refactoring functionality of the Padre editor. The script probably needs a better name that editortools-vim.el, though.

I have a short and simple screencast posted on my blog showing off Yasnippet mode’s new snippet-in-a-snippet feature.

[new] Welcome to the wiki. ☺ I really should start setting up some templating stuff for my Emacs. I’m always impressed by the screencasts but never felt the need to set it up myself. – AlexSchroeder

I thought the screencast was rather good as well. If you have yasnippet templates and related Emacs configuration, perhaps they could be in a respository for viewing? What is the onscreen keypress indicator software used in the screencast?

I should have looked back here sooner, I didn’t know there were comments! I had a hard drive crash since I recorded that screencast and the onscreen keyboard application was in my scratch directory (which I do not back up). I’ll search around for it this week and see if I can find it.

I’m not sure my snippets have enough thought put into them to be much use to anyone besides me, but I will see if I can throw them into a repository this week as well. — CategoryHomepage