Hello all.

I started using GNU Emacs in 1993.

Problems with Emacs 23 on Windows

Problems with Emacs 24 on Windows

Everything seems fine when I start a new instance, but after a while I start getting errors when attempting to launch external programs.

Wish list

PlainTextWiki minor-mode to navigate within emacs and generate PlainLink-ed HTML.
See: and
ConcurrentEmacs: Some buffers may be locked, but general input is never blocked.
MyopiMacs: View small portions of extremely large files using very little memory or bandwidth.
Retrieve only enough data to fill screen (or maybe 3 screens to pre-cache the preceeding and following screens for quicker navigation)
Use ideas from HexviewMode for local files.
Use ‘Range’ specifier with HTTP ‘GET’ verb.
Use ‘REST’ verb for FTP.
Network writes sent with something like xdiff, rsync if available.
MinEmacs: Minimal subset of license, doc, c, lisp, data files competitive with other small editors.
Signed and unsigned plugins and EmacsLisp are installed on demand via TCP or removable media.
Integrate FireFox rendering. Investigating and for now.
JIT compiler with FFI and SWIG for high performace and trivial connectivity.
Download RTSP or mms streams.
MenuClock — show the time as a menu item.
media-editor.el — View and Edit audio and video with external tools (for now) with those windows set to always-on-top.
Must be able to split/join lossy-compressed video and audio without recompressing.


dired-sort-map.el — in Dired: press s then s, x, t or n to sort by Size, eXtension, Time or Name
SimpleIMAPClient — Dumb proof of concept in 100 lines. requires InterpreterMinor.
InterpreterMinor — Provide navigation, clickability, folding, interpretation.
EmacsWebBrowser — Ridiculous browser in 300 lines; no dependencies.
FrameControl — Control frame size and position.
WThirtyTwoDev — Develop w32 apps using vss, msdev, cdb.
Explorer — Act more like MicroSCOft’s explorer.exe. — Poor attempt at a PlainTextWiki. Requires InterpreterMinor.

MinEmacs and GNUnix

MinEmacs wants to help the OneTrueEditor become a lighter yet even more instantly extendable environment by repackaging GNU Emacs as a careful minimum of bundled functionality that also makes available every EmacsLisp package ever written through available through AutoExtend.


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