Known in #emacs as pll, also occasionally found awake on #ledger and/or the plannerMuse related mailing lists.

Currently uses emacs for:

 - daily planning with planner
 - documentation with muse
 - IRC with erc
 - email with gnus
 - web surfing with w3m.el
 - tracking finances with ledger and ledger.el
 - mucking with databases using sql-(postgresql|mysql) modes
 - occasionally hacking CL with SLIME in the hopes I might learn lisp
 - and of course, misc. editing of stuff.

I blame SachaChua for starting me down this road. Until about 2.5 years ago, I was quite content with just using emacs to edit the occassional text file. Sacha got me addicted to planner, and my life has been an inward spiral of emacs-consolidation ever since…

My favorite set of commands are those beginning with: C-x r

Welcome to the wiki. I fear we will not be able to help you break out of that vicious circle… :)AlexSchroeder