Emacs::PDE is a collection of Emacs Lisp extensions to facilitate Perl programming. CPerl Mode has provided an excellent environment for coding; Emacs::PDE provides other common tools such as creating files using templates, smart compiling, perldoc, perltidy, debugger, tags tree view and so on. PDE also provides an easy configuration for Perl programing, and a tutorial for novices to start using Emacs.


Emacs::PDE is available from CPAN. You can install it using the CPAN shell (untested) or download the compressed file to a local directory and install as described in the following section.


Installing Emacs::PDE is quite easy. When you download the archive of the Emacs::PDE distribution, uncompress the archive to a folder, for example, ~/elisp/pde, then put this into your ~/.emacs:

     (add-to-list 'load-path "~/elisp/pde/lisp")
     (load "pde-load")

That is all you need to do for a typical installation.

You can also use a Perl style installation:

     ./Build test
     ./Build install

Note: test before building, so perl can test whether you have Emacs in your PATH. The default place to install lisp files is “$ENV{HOME}/.emacs.d/pde”. You can use option --elispdir to tell Perl where to put the lisp files. Note that if you use this install option, you should add ~/elisp/pde to ‘load-path’. Use the following in your .emacs:

     (add-to-list 'load-path "~/elisp/pde")
     (load "pde-load")

[new] Should this not be ~/.emacs.d/pde? – AlexSchroeder

[new] Because I see many libraries wrote this path in their installation instruction, I thought it is a convention. In fact, I also prefer to put all things related to emacs to ~/.emacs.d. The default place to install PDE is ~/.emacs.d/pde when installing by cpan.


The minimal enabled features after load ‘pde-load’ are:

The extra features toggled by pde-extra-setting include:


The manual of Emacs::PDE is in lisp/doc/ For novices, there is a tutorial in lisp/doc/QuickStart.html in Chinese and lisp/doc/QuickStartEn.html in English.


If you find some bugs, or you have problems or ideas, please let me know.

Beware of permissions when installing pde. See the Comments page.