My full name is Piotr Filip Mieszkowski. I use GnuEmacs in my everyday work, which is web development.

I’m impressed by the huge possibilities these Lisp-enabled editors have. For some time I have been using a few other editors. Some of them were tty-oriented, others were window and mouse-oriented (wily is an example). All of them had something interesting and useful. Emacs is my choice because it is really flexible and is an environment, not only an editor.

I use GnuEmacs.

I’ve tried GnuEmacs, XEmacs (a little), Hemlock (from the CMU CL) and Climacs.

I’m not an Elisp guru, but I think that everyone’s ideas are worth sharing - this is what the GNU and Free Software is all about, isn’t it?

Welcome to the wiki! It’s nice to see how people react to the wiki when they see it for the first time. (Unfortunately those who dislike it will probably not tell us why…) – AlexSchroeder

Things I find very useful:

Two of these, while used together, allow you to make your Emacs the best environment you could ever try. DeskTop saves lists of buffers with files associated to them across Emacs sessions and SavePlace saves your Point across sessions. Why remember which files you were editing, if Emacs could do it for you? 😊