NOTE: This page is obsolete, as Planner has been running under muse-mode for quite some time (as of Aug 2006).

(see also PlannerMode, EmacsMuse)

Describes the ongoing attempt to port PlannerMode to use EmacsMuse instead of EmacsWikiMode. The porting effort is sometimes referred to as Planner--Muse. The port has been completed, and the latest release of Planner is now based on Muse.

Get it

At the time of the porting effort, MichaelOlson’s branch became the canonical place to get Planner. This is no longer the case. See PlannerMode for updated instructions.

Branch planner--main--1.0

A Debian package is available (called planner-el). Add:

deb ./

to your /etc/apt/sources.list file.

Why use this?


Initial instructions

You will need both the Muse port of Planner and EmacsMuse.

In order to get it to work, you will need to do the following in your .emacs file (in addition to the normal instruction found on PlannerMode).

(setq planner-project "WikiPlanner") ;; or whatever name you use in muse-project-alist


Here is an example that SachaChua gave in her initial announcement of the port at

(setq planner-project "WikiPlanner")
(setq muse-project-alist
         ("~/notebook/muse/plans" :default "index" :major-mode planner-mode
	  :visit-link planner-visit-link)
         (:base "planner-html" :path "~/notebook/muse/html"))))

Here is an example that MichaelOlson gave in his porting progress announcement at

(setq planner-project "WikiPlanner")
(setq muse-project-alist
      '(("WikiPlanner"        ;; use value of `planner-project'
         ("~/Plans"           ;; where your Planner pages are located
          :default "TaskPool" ;; use value of `planner-default-page'
          :major-mode planner-mode
          :visit-link planner-visit-link)

         ;; This next part is for specifying where Planner pages
         ;; should be published and what Muse publishing style to
         ;; use.  In this example, we will use the XHTML publishing
         ;; style.

         (:base "planner-xhtml"
                ;; value of `planner-publishing-directory'
                :path "~/public_html/Plans"))))

Below is a more complicated example involving multiple projects and multiple publishing directories.

(setq planner-project "Plans")
(setq muse-project-alist
          :default "index"
          :major-mode planner-mode
          :visit-link planner-visit-link)

         ;; pages from near-term and far-term get published to the
         ;; same directory (~/public_html/plans/) in XHTML form
         (:base "planner-xhtml"
                :path "~/public_html/plans/"

                ;; this is a regexp that is matched against the path
                ;; to a Planner page
                :include "/\((near\\|far\\)-term/"))

                ;; we could have also written:
                ;; :exclude "/older/"

         ;; pages from the older directory get published here with
         ;; HTML style
         (:base "planner-html"
                :path "~/public_html/plans/older/"
                :include "/older/"))))

The following example is what works for me to get wiki names working as links and to have the publishing process format tasks properly:

(require 'muse-mode)
(require 'muse-colors)
(require 'muse-wiki)
(require 'muse-html)
(require 'muse-latex)

(setq planner-project "Plans")
(setq muse-project-alist
         ("~/Notebook/wiki/Plans" :default "index" :major-mode planner-mode
	  :visit-link planner-visit-link)
         (:base "planner-html" :path "~/Notebook/web/Plans"))))

(require 'planner)
(require 'planner-publish)
 -- s. falcon



Branch planner-muse--yh--1.0

Peter K. Lee:

Archive saint@c o r e n o v
Location http://arch.c o r e n o v
Branch planner-muse--peter--1.0

SachaChua (began the port of Planner to Muse, but might not work on it for awhile):

Branch planner--muse--1.0



The following functions have been tested and should work properly.

What works

What doesn't work

Bugs may be reported at the Planner bugtracker, which is located at [1].

How to help

There are several ways to help out with this port.

Please consult before filing a bug report.


I took Sacha’s work on the port of Planner to Muse and tried to catch it up with Planner’s main development branch. I managed to get it up to patch 396 and merge in YannHodique’s bugfixes.

It is hoped that by creating this page, we can mobilize people to help out with the port. I don’t have time to do it all by myself, but I am familiar with Muse, so I might be able to give good advice or fix obvious problems. Playing catch up with Sacha’s main development branch might also be something I could do.

One way we could potentially organize things is by having someone put a message in this area (name, task to accomplish, date, etc.) when they feel like working on something.

I updated planner-muse with patch 412 from main development branch. I’ll try to follow that branch more carefully :-)

planner-muse is now synced with patch-445 from planner--dev--1.0

I’ve recently merged in Peter K. Lee’s work on planner-publish into my planner-muse--mwolson--1.0 branch. It’s included in my Debian package for planner-muse-el.

Hmm, so I’ve now become the maintainer of Planner, and this port has become the canonical way to get Planner (or at least, it will be, as soon as tarballs are made and a release is put together).

Questions and Answers

Feel free to contribute questions/answers here.

Q: OrgMode is now included in cvs builds of GNU Emacs. Do OrgMode and the PlannerMusePort serve similar functions? Are there reasons to prefer one to the other? Do they complement each other’s functionality in different problem spaces, or do they compete in the same problem space?

A: OrgMode seems to be a more traditional outliner. It has the ability to generate an agenda view and some very nice export options, including iCal format. It seems to me that they could be complimentary. I do think that some people will prefer organizing projects in an outline rather than the PlannerMode format. If I have the time, I’ll try to detail some of the differences here.