PLT Completions

Plt Completions is an emacs mode that at the moment essentially duplicates the functionality of the excellent plt scheme help-desk, and in the future hopefully will do more. It helps with coding by displaying possible completions for the symbol currently being typed, in a new buffer. If you go to the completions buffer and hit Control-return it will take you to the documentation for that symbol, if you hit return, it inserts the symbol at point, and returns point to the buffer that you were editing in.

This would not have been possible without all the work that the plt team has put into generating such excellent documentation and thoroughly indexing it all, making my life much easier; not too mention creating the excellent plt scheme family of applications without which this little effort would be moot. So, a big thanks to them all. PLEASE NOTE:

This is very much alpha software, and has only been tested on emacs 22 (cvs and multi-tty branches). There is nothing cutting edge in the code so it should work in emacs 21, but I would not be so hopeful about xemacs. I am not particularly concerned about that, but would be happy to apply patches to make things work with xemacs as long as they don’t break anything, in emacs. ;)

Future Directions and Hopes

This is an very incomplete list of ideas for future improvements. Please let me know of any other ideas you might have, to improve the mode.

The code can be found here plt-completions.el