procmaillog.el read your procmail log file as a gnus group.

First you need procmaillog.el. You can grab it here: Lisp:procmaillog.el

The next step is to set up your .procmailrc. procmaillog.el needs spaces between the procmail log records. So just put this in your .procmailrc:


Now you have to set up your Emacs configuration file. Put simple this in it: (Don’t forget to put procmaillog.el in your load-path.)

 (require 'procmaillog)

If your LOGFILE different configure the variable procmaillog-file. E.g. in your configuration file:

 (setq procmaillog-file "~/my.procmail.log")

After the next Gnus start create a doc group with G f and choose your procmail log file. Enter the group and enjoy your structured procmail log file. (Note: The headers X-Procmail-Folder and X-Procmail-Number should be visible, i.e. put them into gnus-visible-headers.)