Pumpio-el is a GPLv3 Pump.io client written in Elisp.

Is hosted at this page for now.

Pump.io is a social server with a beautiful big API. Identi.ca is going to migrate from statusnet into this software.


The README.md file should have all the information needed for required software, installation and setup.


Pumpio-el is modularized and is intended to be divided in three layers:

In this layer you can find all the functions that the user can interact.
Libraries with functions that controls the behaviour of the client.
(Or connectivity) is responsible for creating the connection and sending or retrieving information from/to the pod.

The streamming layer use the UrlPackage by default, but can be expanded to use any other way for connecting. This idea let developers to use alternatives.

For example, in DiasporaEl the monolithic development only lets use the UrlPackage. Others users and developers created a shell client written in C called cliaspora and wanted to replace the connectivity functions from DiasporaEl for using with this client, so they need to make a fork of the project and modify almost all the code.

In this case, this will not be necessary: just creating a library and setting some hooks variables will be enough.