Emacs’ ‘repeat’ command (‘C-x z’) only repeats the last command, DotMode is a better emulation of vi’s `.’ command as it actually tries to repeat the last buffer change.


As seen in the EmacsFaq:

Is there an equivalent to the `.’ (dot) command of vi?
(`.’ is the redo command in ‘vi’. It redoes the last insertion/deletion.)
As of Emacs 20.3, there is indeed a ‘repeat’ command (‘C-x z’) that repeats the last command. If you preface it with a prefix argument, the prefix arg is applied to the command.
You can also type `C-x <ESC> <ESC>’ (‘repeat-complex-command’) to reinvoke commands that used the minibuffer to get arguments. In ‘repeat-complex-command’ you can type ‘M-p’ and ‘M-n’ (and also up-arrow and down-arrow, if your keyboard has these keys) to scan through all the different complex commands you’ve typed.
To repeat a set of commands, use keyboard macros. (See KeyboardMacros)
If you’re really desperate for the `.’ command, use VIPER, a ‘vi’ emulation mode which comes with Emacs, and which appears to support it. (See ViperMode)

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See also DotMode and RepeatingCommands.

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