replace-recent-character editing macro is my attempt for quick correction of recently typed text.

Imagine this situation: While typing some text you notice that one of previously typed characters is wrong. You have already typed 5 more characters after it.

The normal “naive” solution: press left arrow (or C-b) 5 times, then backspace and retype correct character, press right arrow (or C-f) 5 times to get back and continue typing. Summary: 12 keys pressed.

Advanced solution: use M-b if it could help, then left/right arrow, then backspace or C-d/DEL and retype correct character. If Point was previously the last position of the line, move back by C-e or M-e. Summary: 4 keys in ideal situation, but 12 if none of the shortcuts applied.

replace-recent-character solution: invoke the macro (I use M-r), type the wrong character that was typed. The most recent matching character gets highlighted. If the mistyped character is highlighted, type the corrected character; if not then repeat the wrong character (easily possible since finger is already at the key). Previous point position is restored automatically. Summary: 3 keys usually sufficient.

Note: I count keys as key combinations. If you consider combinations like C-b as two keys then the key count is even better for this macro.

This macro also has support for more than replacing. It can delete extra character, insert new character and transpose characters. See the comment in the source code.

International characters are supported (tested on the Czech language).

You can download it from:

The code is known to work in GNU Emacs 21. It does not work in XEmacs.

The macro is to be installed under M-r key; its default (move-to-window-line) is rather useless. The installation command is included in the source. It is ok just to insert this into your .emacs (CategoryDotEmacs) file.

See the function comment for details.

– Jakub Travnik, a.k.a. jtra

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