Author of Emacs, GCC, gdb, glibc and other software, founder of the FreeSoftwareFoundation (FSF), founder of the GNU Project. Author of the GnuGeneralPublicLicense. Before starting the GnuProject, RMS was of MitAiLab hacker fame.

RMS uses Emacs. He also apparently suffered from RepeatedStrainInjury.

Dealing with RMS

When dealing with RMS, keep the following things in mind:

General advice:

RMS’ autoreply:

“[This message was generated by an automated system.] I am not on vacation, but I am at the end of a long time delay. I am located somewhere on Earth, but as far as responding to email is concerned, I appear to be well outside the solar system.”

There a famous flame-war about the "evils of natalism" that is documented and run through `doctor.el’ by DonHopkins.