Rlogin Mode

Simply do a (require 'rlogin), and type ‘M-x rlogin’ to log in to a remote system.

It is handy to add single `+’ to your ~/.rhosts file (make sure you do a chmod 644 on the file, otherwise some systems will refuse to connect you without typing in a password).


When logging into remote systems, the functions at Lisp:bg-rlogin-setup.el do the following things:

The main command is ‘bg-rl’, which you can alias to rl for typing convenience: (defalias 'rl 'bg-rl)

Icicles Enhancements for Rlogin Mode

You can use Icicles completion with Rlogin mode. Whenever there are multiple completion candidates, Icicles completion is used (if Icicle minor mode is on). This means you can cycle to choose a candidate, complete using one or more substrings or regexps (progressive completion), and so on. See Icicles - Completion in Comint Modes.