SCPaste is a simple tool to post the contents of a buffer to a public place.

It uses htmlize to convert font-lock coloring to HTML and then copies the file via SCP. See

A version using tramp-mode is available here:

It does completely work, but I have no desire to continue with scpaste because it lacks line numbers for files. – TerrenceBrannon

Hi, you may be interested in using TrampMode for dealing with transport (and generalizing it). For example, something like (htmlize-file "~/.emacs" "/ssh:host:dotemacs.html") would not be that far from what you’re doing.

You might consider using HtmlFontify which can take care of a bit more fontification than Htmlize. HtmlFontify will hopefully also be part of GNU Emacs soon.

YannHodique: of course; why didn’t I think of that? Then we get Windows compatibility for free. I will also check out HtmlFontify; if that’s going to be included in Emacs then it makes sense to incorporate it. Thanks!

scpaste 0.5 now uses htmlfontify. I have tramp turned off because it was interfering with some basic Emacs operations at some point, but perhaps that bug has been fixed; would be happy to see a patch that switches to using tramp rather than shelling out.