I’m Saurabh Kapoor and I live in India. I did my undergraduate studies in Mathematics and am currently studying Computer Science at Pune University, India. ( I go by the nick of esskay on #emacs.

I use Emacs.

I’m a regular visitor to this Wiki and most of what I’ve learnt about emacs, I’ve picked up from here - right from w3m, eshell, erc, vm, emacs-wiki, planner etc. etc.. This wiki, I feel, is the best resource on emacs on the web.

I’ve been using emacs for a year and a half now. The EmacsManual says Emacs is “extensible and customizable”. I’ve pretty much mastered the ‘customizing’ phase right now, but I have yet to learn properly the ‘extending’ part of it.

Welcome to the wiki! I used Emacs for a long time before actually writing code for it. The EmacsLispIntro was what got me started… :)AlexSchroeder