sauron is an emacs mode for keeping track of events happening in the (emacs) world around you. Events are things like ‘appointment in 5 minutes’, ‘bob pinged you on IRC’, ‘torrent download is complete’ etc. Sauron shows those events like a list – basically like a log. You can ‘activate’ an event by either pressing RET when point is on it, or clicking it with the middle mouse button (<mouse-2>).

When activated, it can execute some arbitrary function – for example in the case of IRC (ERC), it will switch you to the buffer (channel) it originated from. It’s a bit of a generalization of what tracking mode does in ERC (the emacs IRC client), and that is in fact how it started.

For my work, I need to keep track of a bunch of internal ERC (IRC) channels and at the same time not forget to go to meetings, even when I’m concentrating on something else. So, I want something tweakable to provide me with the right balance between obnoxiousness and ignorability. Thus, sauron was born.

There’s an increasing number of hooks and tunables in sauron, which allows you to fine-tune the behavior. However, I strive for it to be useful with minimal configuration.

Sauron is being developed at Github, and there’s an article in Emacs-Fu.