Mkhtml, by DrewAdams, lets you create hypertext-linked HTML output from Emacs buffers. It uses the Htmlize library by HrvojeNiksic.

Htmlize, by itself, creates HTML (without links) that corresponds to any font-lock-using Emacs buffer. The HTML uses CSS, which reflects the definitions of the font-lock Faces you are using.

Mkhtml adds preservation of links to the functionality provided by Htmlize: It interprets mouse-face’d text in Info and Dired buffers as links. These Emacs links then become hypertext links in the output HTML.

In Info, Mkhtml adds these items to the MenuBar Info menu:

The Info mouse-face links are converted to HTML links.

In DiredMode, Mkhtml adds this item to the menu-bar Operate and Immediate menus:

In buffers other than ‘Info’ and ‘Dired’, Mkhtml adds item HTMLize Buffer (‘mkhtml-info-buffer’) to the menu-bar Tools menu.

Mkhtml works with GnuEmacs 20; it has not been tested with Emacs 21 or more recent.

Get it here:

Hey, mkhtml.el calls the function ‘htmlize-make-face-hash’, that seems to have been dropped out of htmlize.el ages ago! Cheers :), EduardoOchs

Yeah, I know. I haven’t really updated mkhtml.el in years. It works with an old version of htmlize.el. Maybe someday I’ll get around to updating it. Sorry about that :-(. – DrewAdams

your package mkhtml need package mktml-htmlize, but I can not found it, :-(. – ahei

I just uploaded it: mkhtml-htmlize.el. See the ‘NOTE’ I just added to the Commentary. MKHTML is very old. There are no doubt better things nowadays that do something similar. I posted MKHTML in case someone finds it useful.

I used to use MKHTML a lot, and it worked well for what it did. I no longer maintain it, and it does not work with recent versions of htmlize.el. (If someone else wants to maintain MKHTML and bring it up to date, they are welcome to – let me know.) Personally, I no longer have any need to create HTML pages from text files, code files, Dired buffers, and Info pages. If you need to do that, then it might be that MKHTML is still the best thing for that – dunno.

I posted mkhtml-htmlize.el only for use with MKHTML. It is simply an old version of htmlize.el, the version that I believe I was using with mkhtml.el, back when I used that. I thought I had posted it before (perhaps someone deleted it). Sorry for any confusion. HTH. – DrewAdams

mkhtml does not wok well in emacs 22 and 23, but thank you all the way. – ahei

OK, thanks for the info. I’m not surprised. It probably needs a little tweaking. – DrewAdams

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