Hi, my real name is Terrence Brannon. I’ve been an Emacs User since 1991. I have a module that ships with GNU Emacs. Just type M-x lm-test-run to see it work. It’s an Emacs Lisp implementation of Andy Barto’s Landmark Learning Neural Network.

On IRC, I usually go by the name “metaperl” but recently I have returned to “schemelab” because I am working on a Scheme implementation of the J programming language.

But anyway, I’ve been working on a mode to make using Asciidoc easier to use from emacs when I ran across doc-mode.el which does font-locking already.

So I’m hoping merge my changes with this author soon.

Hi Terrence. You might want to move this page over to TerrenceBrannon, and on that page, write [::schemelab] and [::metaperl] – this will create permanent anchors. It’s what I do on my page as well – [[kensanata]] links to a permanent anchor on my homepage → kensanata. – AlexSchroeder