scim-bridge.el is SCIM-Bridge client for GNU Emacs. (ChineseVersion)

scim-bridge.el provides scim-mode minor mode, which can keep local input status of buffer, you can use it input various languages fast.


What is the SCIM?

SCIM is the Smart Common Input Method platform (SCIM) is an input method (IM) platform containing support for more than thirty languages (Chinese, Japanese, Korean and many European languages) for POSIX-style operating systems including Linux and BSD.


Install SCIM

In Debian or Ubuntu, this is simple, like below:
        sudo aptitude install scim scim-bridge-agent -y
If you use Chinese input method, you should install ‘scim-pinyin’:
        sudo aptitude install scim-pinyin -y

Install scim-bridge.el

Download newest version from scim-bridge.el project in Launchpad.

Disable XIM with Emacs

Add below in ~/.Xresources:
        Emacs*useXIM: false
And then execute command:
        xrdb ~/.Xresources

Add scim-bridge.el to load-path

Unpack scim-bridge and put it under directory ~/elisp, then add the following to your ~/.emacs:
        (add-to-list 'load-path (expand-file-name "~/elisp"))

Add another key to switch SCIM status

Because Emacs binding keystone “Ctrl-Space” default. So i add another keystroke to switch SCIM input status, example, Super-Space.

Load and setup scim-bridge.el

And put the following in your ~/.emacs:
        ;; Load scim-bridge.
        (require 'scim-bridge)
        ;; Turn on scim-mode automatically after loading .emacs
        (add-hook 'after-init-hook 'scim-mode-on)
        ;; Setup input status switch keystroke.
        (scim-define-common-key (kbd "s-SPC") t)
        ;; Use C-SPC for Set Mark command
        (scim-define-common-key (kbd "C-SPC") nil)
        ;; Use C-/ for Undo command
        (scim-define-common-key (kbd "C-/") nil)
        ;; Change cursor color depending on SCIM status
        (setq scim-cursor-color '("red" "blue" "limegreen"))
That’s all, type “Super-Space” for input something. :)


You can customize scim-bridge by:
        M-x customize-group RET scim-bridge RET