you have to search through a fixed set of files frequently? define a function like this one:

        ;; search function for my emacs files
        (defcustom leo-my-emacsfiles-form
              '(append (list "~/emacs/.emacs")
                       (file-expand-wildcards "~/emacs/user-lisp/*.el")
              :type 'string
              :group 'leos)
        (defun leo-search-my-emacsfiles (regexp)
          "Search through emacs user file (as defined in `leo-emacs-userfiles-form' for a match for REGEXP.
        Stops when a match is found.
        To continue searching for next match, use command \\[tags-loop-continue]."
          (interactive "sSearch emacs user files (regexp): ")
          (tags-search regexp leo-my-emacsfiles-form))