selection menu

Lisp:selection-menu.el is an emacs lisp module/function providing:

(defun selection-menu (ident items &optional unread)
  "Pops up a buffer listing lines given ITEMS one per line.
   Use arrow keys (or C-p/C-n) to select and SPC/RET to select.
   Return to parent buffer when any other key is pressed.
   In this case if optional UNREAD is non-nil return the
   read key back to input queue for parent to consume." ...)

example use

(let ((font (selection-menu "Choose font:" '("DeJaVu Sans Mono-10"
  (if font (set-face-font 'default font)))

and in action


Is it possible to use pre-filled (temporary) buffer provided that first character in each line is “ ” and then call selection-menu--select for it, should there be use case for such a thing (I have).