I’ve been using Emacs since 2006. I cannot imagine to live without it :-)

I use Emacs for:

(require 'predictive)
;(autoload 'predictive-mode "predictive" "predictive" t)
(set-default 'predictive-auto-add-to-dict t)
(setq predictive-which-dict t)
(setq predictive-main-dict 'rpg-dictionary)
(setq predictive-add-to-dict-ask nil)
(setq predictive-auto-learn t)
(setq predictive-completion-speed 0.1)
(setq predictive-auto-add-min-chars 4)

(setq predictive-auto-add-filter (lambda (word dict) (lookup-words word)))

(defun my-predictive-add-word-atpoint ()
  (predictive-add-to-dict rpg-dictionary (word-at-point)))

(defun my-predictive-remove-word-atpoint ()
  "Add a word at point to the default predictive dict without asking."
  (predictive-remove-from-dict rpg-dictionary (word-at-point)))

(defun my-predictive-add-words-batch ()
  "Add words to the default predictive dict word after word.
Make a list of words and run this function"
  (while (not (eobp))
	(message "Word %s added" (word-at-point))