It’s me…

lately I feel like a WikiFixture

see one of my primary wiki pages on theOriginalWiki:

I use XEmacs, whatever is latest in Debian/sid at home, at work I use the latest Gnu Emacs in Debian/sid. I’m enjoying learning the differences.

I’d like to find better project management for emacs…

something like (narrow-to-list-of-files project-file-list) and then be able to C-s and regexp-replace in those files, as well (find-file project-file-list)

regexp-replace can happen with IbufferMode, it has a “do elisp expression in every buffer” command MarioLang has suggested first class limits to the maintainer, that could be the basis of a project system.. but it’s still kinda cheesy. How do you do build a “set of files” object in elisp? Seems like one is needed. fileset.el would need to be integrated into JavaDevelopmentEnvironment, and what else?

find-file in fsf emacs takes an optional wildcard… hmmm


pages I’ve created:

pages I keep forgetting the name of: CategorySearchAndReplace

XEmacs imperfections:

I wrote InternetTime (from for DisplayTime, check it out.

a discussion on #haskell about making a Haskell Emacs clone turned up this interesting link:

The same paper is referenced in DynamicBindingVsLexicalBinding. There is also code by SamSteingold, referenced on CommonLisp. – AlexSchroeder

Look, it’s still me!