The code on this page is obsolete. Use OddmuseMode instead. (Also Yaoddmuse).

The code on this page is for a raw wiki browser. You can use it for the EmacsWiki, for example! It uses an extended SimpleWikiMode for editing. See WikiModes for an overview.

Large Version

Just some words of warning: i started to work on this project some days ago. I think i fixed a lot of stuff but consider the code as experimental. Even though I’m currently editing this page with SimpleWikiEditMode my hands are shaking and i fear to screw the whole page ;-). -- DavidHansen

Seems to work well now but still not well tested. Please test it especially with pages containing a lot of multi byte characters like the Japanese emacswiki.

If you want to extend it for other Usemod wikis, copy emacswiki-browse as a starting point. To support other wiki engines, take a look at usemod-wiki-save and see whether you can adapt it.

I haven’t touched the code in simple-emacswiki.el and I’m sure it is broken at the time. Have a look at simple-wiki-completion.el. If you want to edit another Usemod wiki add it to swd-wiki-defs-list.

Server Side

For Usemod wikis, you must install UseMod:WikiPatches/RawMode so that the wiki script understands the raw=2 parameter. (raw=1 only delivers the plain text, which is enough for viewing, but raw=2 adds a timestamp cookie on the first line.)

oddmuse works out of the box

There is a link to the patched script from the EmacsWiki page. But if your wiki still uses raw=1, you might still be able to use simple-wiki, if you use (shell-command…w3m) to fetch pages. (is this right?). For that:

    (setq swc-pages-get-function 'swc-pages-get-w3m)
Well, in fact by using the w3m you build the completion on the rendered html page, so you get less garbage than with the http-get method. This is not perfect, but it works.


There is currently no release. The brave may get the code from CVS.

Now just add the appropriate directory to your load-path:

    (add-to-list 'load-path "<path to http-emacs>/http-emacs")

Note that the files in the ElispArea only contain a comment pointing to the Savannah project. When development started, these files were hosted in the ElispArea, and only later were moved to Savannah.

Entry Points

Use the following:

When editing, type:


This is what I use:

    (global-set-key (kbd "C-c C-o") 'swc-emacswiki-browse)

User Name

When saving a webpage with simple-emacswiki.el, it concatenates the word of the variable user-full-name to create the UserName used for the submission. If you use a different user name for wikis, get the latest savannah version and customize ‘swd-user-name’.

Simple Wiki Mode -- Quickstart

Here’s a brief HOWTO.

First add the directory hosting the files in your LoadPath variable as explained into the Download section.

Then load all the necessary files:

    (require 'simple-wiki-completion)

Feel free to only load stuff you really want to use :) but note that loading all at the same time doesn’t hurt, as long as you have all the files in your LoadPath.

    (add-hook 'simple-wiki-edit-mode-hook 'pcomplete-simple-wiki-setup)
    (setq pcomplete-ignore-case t) ;; optional
Thereafter, use C-/ to pcomplete pages at point and M-/ for dabbrev-compltion.
    (add-hook 'simple-wiki-edit-mode-hook 'turn-off-auto-fill)
   (setq longlines-show-hard-newlines t) ;; optional
   (add-hook 'simple-wiki-edit-mode-hook
   (add-hook 'simple-wiki-save-before-hooks
             (lambda () (when longlines-mode (longlines-mode-off))))
    ** this item
      is continued on the next line.
looks as follows:

Renaming Buffers

Here is code that renames your buffers. I use the UNIQUE argument to rename-buffer so that I get a history of buffers for a page. Adapt to your liking.

    (add-hook 'simple-wiki-edit-mode-hook
              (lambda ()
                (when simple-wiki-url
                  (rename-buffer (simple-wiki-page) t))))

Take care that simple-wiki-completion uses a rename hook named rename-hook.

Edit Current w3m Buffer

Here is some code that lets you edit the emacswiki page displayed in the current w3m buffer:

    (defvar w3m-emacswiki-url-re
      "Regular expression to match an emacswiki URL.")
    (defun w3m-emacswiki-edit ()
      "Edit emacswiki page displayed in the current w3m buffer."
      (if (string-match w3m-emacswiki-url-re w3m-current-url)
          (swc-browse "ew" (match-string 1 w3m-current-url))
        (error "Not an emacswiki page!")))

Importance of the Timestamp Cookie

The timestamp on the first line is required to do automatic conflict resolution using merge(1) – read the man page for merge: you need three files to do merging, A, B, and the common ancestor. The common ancestor is identified by the timestamp. If you delete the timestamp, the wiki will complain. If you change it, then automatic conflict resolution might yield suboptimal results. Nothing you can’t fix by using the normal interface: Click on the “Show History” link and edit the last good version.


Oddmuse (about the only wiki engine really supported by this mode) as now blogging capabilites. See Oddmuse:Minimal_Weblog_Setup.

Here is a quick an dirty function that opens a date page of the wiki from the calendar mode to easily post a new entry.

    (defun swb-insert-entry (arg)
      "get the date page for the date indicated by point"
      (interactive "P")
      (let* ((date (calendar-cursor-to-date t))
	 (month (pop date))
	 (day (pop date))
	 (year (pop date))
         ;date page use ISO format YYYY-MM-DD
	 (page (format "%04d-%02d-%02d" year month day))
	 (nick "myblog")
	 (buffer (get-buffer-create (concat (upcase nick) ":" page))))
       (switch-to-buffer-other-window buffer)
       (swc-browse nick page)))
       ;;bind the function to b
       (add-hook 'calendar-mode-hook
	  (define-key calendar-mode-map "b" 'swb-insert-entry))

Note that you need to add my blog in the wiki definitions list

Future Development

You’are welcome to participate. If you don’t know what to do here is a list of ideas:

I think simple-wiki-mode is just fine. May need some tuning but supporting the syntax of various wikis sounds pretty complicated.
Media Wiki support would be great but i think this will be the same work as writing a complete new package.

In order to allow us to integrate this package into Emacs at some time, please make sure you are prepared to assign your copyright to the FSF at some point in the far away future.

Recent Changes

Use to see recent changes, use to see and edit the intro text. – AlexSchroeder

TODO: simple elisp functions to access it

Coding Systems

The last version let you specify the encoding in simple-wiki-definition.


Has anyone made this work on the latest xemacs? specifically for windows. I get a series of error messages and then nothing when I try to load a page.
Just made it work on Xemacs 21.4. You need MuleUCS installed. – DavidHansen
How do I get this to work for Unicode page names? --bkhl
URL encode the bytes: Schröder → Schr%c3%b6der. – AlexSchroeder
Still seems to be trouble saving the pages. – Sunnan
What kind of trouble? (Please report bugs to or using one of these web forms at savannah)
Are there any plans to make that process automatic? – bkhl
I guess DavidHansen could add it to the code… There already is an URL encode defun around. – AlexSchroeder
Of course he can :) cvs co latest version. But be careful with non ASCII characters as oddmuse seems to have no clue if they are upper or lower case. – DavidHansen
I added support for free links. It’s maybe not a bad idea to use them for non ASCII characters. There may happen weird things: ÜmlautLink (won’t work as oddmuse thinks “Ü” is lower case), Weird∫Link and maybe some more.

I’m interested in trying to get this to work with a WikiGateway backend so as to be able to cleanly support different wiki engines (right now WikiGateway doesn’t have comment field setting options, etc, but that will be added..). But I don’t know elisp so I need some help :)
I started out by looking at swd-usemod-wiki-save in simple-wiki-definitions. I’m planning to add a function “swd-wikiclient-wiki-save” which calls the “wikiclient” program (part of WikiGateway).
I started by changing the stuff inside “setq proc” (I haven’t run it yet, so don’t be surprised if there’s syntax errors):
(defun swd-wikiclient-wiki-save ()
  "Save the current page with wikiclient."
  (let ((url simple-wiki-url)
        (save-func simple-wiki-save-function)
        (link (simple-wiki-save-link))
        (http-version (swd-http-version (swd-nick simple-wiki-url)))
        (content-type (swd-http-coding (swd-nick simple-wiki-url)))
        (headers) (proc))
    (setq proc (shell-command (concat 
			       "../wikiclient --type=usemod1 write "
    (with-current-buffer (process-buffer proc)
      ;; same trick as in `simple-wiki-edit'.  See comment there.
      (set (make-local-variable 'simple-wiki-url) url)
      (set (make-local-variable 'simple-wiki-save-function) save-func)
      (set (make-local-variable 'simple-wiki-time) nil)
      (set (make-local-variable 'simple-wiki-content-type) content-type)
      (set (make-local-variable 'simple-wiki-http-version) http-version))))
(I need to replace “” with whatever the config variable is with the current wiki’s root URL)
So, first question: I need to write “buffer-string” to the STDIN of the “./wikiclient ….” shell command. How do I do this?
Second question: swd-usemodreal-wiki-save passed a “’swd-usemod-wiki-save-sentinel” to http-post. That sounds scary; do I need to bother with it (since I’m replacing http-post with wikiclient)? And, if so, what the heck is a sentinel and what should I do with it?
Thanks – BayleShanks
Hi Bayle, don’t have much time to answer you but here are some hints:

Thanks a lot for your help! Here’s the working version (at least, I think it works). This is a patch to simple-wiki-definitions.el which makes it use the external program “wikiclient” to save a page to the wiki. The next step is to allow the --type argument to assume different values, which will enable the program to interact with various different WikiEngines (whatever is supported by WikiGateway; currently OddMuse, UseMod, and MoinMoin):

(defun swd-usemod-wiki-save ()
  "Save the current page with wikiclient."
  (let ((url simple-wiki-url)
        (save-func simple-wiki-save-function)
        (link (simple-wiki-save-link))
        (http-version (swd-http-version (swd-nick simple-wiki-url)))
        (content-type (swd-http-coding (swd-nick simple-wiki-url)))
        (headers) (proc))
     (save-excursion (goto-line 2) (line-beginning-position)) 
			       "wikiclient --type=oddmuse1 write "

So, how to cookies for use with this mode? For editor passwords, I mean. I’m guessing I should use http-cookies.el, but how? – bkhl

well a cookie is some bytes added to the header, so you will have to find what to send, fix http-post because I think it doesn’t send additional headers as it is now and then modify simplewikiedit so you can add your extra cookie header….

I’m having trouble getting SimpleWikiEditMode to post data. I’ve got the following lines in my .emacs:

(setq load-path (cons "/usr/local/http-emacs" load-path))
(require 'simple-wiki-completion)
(require 'simple-ecwiki) ;; copy of simple-emacswiki.el edited
                         ;; for my oddmuse wiki
(require 'simple-emacswiki)
(add-hook 'simple-wiki-edit-mode-hooks 'pcomplete-simple-wiki-setup)
(setq pcomplete-ignore-case t) ;; optional
(add-hook 'simple-wiki-edit-mode-hooks 'turn-off-auto-fill)
(add-hook 'simple-wiki-edit-mode-hooks
	  (lambda ()
	    (when url
	      (rename-buffer (let ((simple-wiki-url url))
			       (simple-wiki-page)) t))))

I get the same end results regardless of whether or not the add-hook lines are commented out. The result is that on sending the updated page, the buffer changes to read:

Please go on to SandBox.

The buffer name doesn’t change, nor does the mode change at all. And when I browse out to the updated page--in this case SandBox--I find that I do have a new revision, but it is quite blank. If there had previously been data in the page prior to editing it with SimpleWikiEditMode it is wiped out.

I’m using Gnu Emacs 21.3.1 on Debian. And I’m using the CVS packages from Savannah.

Does SimpleWikiEditMode work with the latest xemacs? does it work on windowsxp? At least the way I have it set up it seems like it can’t fetch pages properly. Has anyone made it work? -JoeCoffey

Does anybody interested in other wiki markup rules? I’ve slightly modified simple-wiki.el adding TWiki support and improving MediaWiki syntax highlighting. Also I’m going to add WikiText support (used by – DmitriBrechalov

Doesnt work for me. when i type M-x swc-emacswiki-browseRET i get: Wrong type argument: listp, “close”

this is what i load: (add-to-list ‘load-path “/usr/share/emacs/site-lisp/http-emacs”) (require ‘simple-wiki-completion)

See also SimpleWikiMode, HttpGet

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