There are two different, unrelated sln-mode libraries:

Both have/are a file called sln-mode.el.

sln-mode being an add-on library for ProjectBufferMode


This is an add-on library for ProjectBufferMode.

This library provides a function to create a project-buffer extracting the information from a SLN file and its associated VCPROJ.


sln-mode is an add-on to ProjectBufferMode; therefore you must first install ProjectBufferMode and then add the following lines to your init file:

  (autoload 'find-sln "sln-mode")

‘find-sln’ is the command to execute to open a ‘sln project’.

Documentation about the project-buffer-mode

Check ProjectBufferMode for more documentation about it.

Note about build / clean / run and debug actions

The command line are different between a 2005 and a 2008 project; by default it will use the 2005 configuration mode; use the prefix argument to switch to the 2008 mode.

It's a viewer

sln-mode is currently just a viewer. It doesn’t currently have any support for modifying/writting a SLN file.

Note that it doens’t have to stay that way if people really need this feature. ;-)

sln-mode being a major mode for editing *.sln files

A major mode for editing Microsoft Visual Studio Solution (*.sln) files. The project home is sln-mode on github. Direct link to the source: sln-mode.el.

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