StarTeam is a proprietary version management suite originally developed by Starbase and currently distributed by Borland. It is not FreeSoftware.

MatthewSmith wrote a VC-like interface called starteam.el which is hosted on SourceForge at

starteam.el hasn’t worked for me out of the box with EMACS version Here’s my tiny fix ;)

    (defun starteam-get-login-info ()                                                                                    
      "Get the login information for the starteam server.                                                                
    Returns a string in the form:                                                                                        
      (concat (starteam-get-user) ":"                                                                                    
              (starteam-get-password) "@"                                                                                
              starteam-host ":" (number-to-string starteam-port))) ; was starteam-host ":" starteam-port))