2002-09-20 I am new to this community :-)

After browsing the wiki and finding good stuff around I feel like joining this.

I use GNU Emacs

What I have done so far

XEmacs Introduction
written in the german language. I’d like to see transferred to and maintained at this wiki….
written together with ClausBrunzema, gives you one more precious line of code.
MTorus implements buffer cycling and the maintainance of different groups in which to cycle. This has been taken over and rewritten which makes the history somewhat obscure
A (new) major mode for Taskjuggler-files.
implements a similar feature like mouse-drag.el for XEmacs
was inspired by PostScript display programm gv: highlight the last visible line when scrolling in pagefuls.
gives kind of a focus-follows-mouse policy for XEmacs-windows
means moving in smaller getting steps, thus navigating fast and precise in large files.
A major mode for writing articles for the (German) Linux Magazin

Add this to your library swiss-move.el to make it work with GNU Emacs:

  (unless (featurep 'xemacs)
    (defun line-number (&optional position)
      (count-lines (point-min) (or position (point)))))

After adding this to my copy, I noticed that you knew about this problem, but perhaps weren’t sure how to fix it. Now you can correct this statement on your Web site:

“This is NOT working in GNU Emacs. The function line-number is not working (at least in my pretty old GNU Emacs).”

Thanks for pointing out. I’ll put that code where it belongs. :-)

I don’t know if the 1+ makes any difference here, but the documentation for count-lines says (at least in XEmacs, but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen these sentences in some (older?) version of GNU Emacs, too):

 NOTE: The expression to return the current line number is not obvious:
  (1+ (count-lines 1 (point-at-bol)))

I makes a difference: the first version doesn’t work correctly when point is at bol, the second (documented) version does. So I’ll use something like

 (unless (featurep 'xemacs)
   (defun line-number (&optional position)
	(when position (goto-char position))
	(1+ (count-lines 1 (point-at-bol))))))

which is pretty close to XEmacs’ definition of that function w/o narrowing. – StefanKamphausen

generates a menu from a directory full of LaTeX (letter) templates (this is one of my very early elisp-works and thus quite simple)


My current obsession (2010) ist Clojure. If you’re speaking German, may I humbly point you to the book that I am writing: Deutsches Clojure Buch

What I have done to this wiki

Discussion or Something

Willkommen! I would love to see content in other languages on the wiki. Adding links to OnlineResources is a first step. There is also a link to a French website on the Gnus category page. Perhaps we should start thinking about adding non-English pages to the wiki or host non-English wikis on this server. – AlexSchroeder