There are different types of swapping you might want.

AnchoredTranspose swaps 2 regions you select.

This function swaps occurrences of strings in the buffer or a region of it.

    (defun swap-text (str1 str2 beg end)
      "Changes all STR1 to STR2 and all STR2 to STR1 in beg/end region."
      (interactive "sString A: \nsString B: \nr")
      (if mark-active
          (setq deactivate-mark t)
        (setq beg (point-min) end (point-max))) 
      (goto-char beg)
      (while (re-search-forward
              (concat "\\(?:\\b\\(" (regexp-quote str1) "\\)\\|\\("
                      (regexp-quote str2) "\\)\\b\\)") end t)
        (if (match-string 1)
            (replace-match str2 t t)
          (replace-match str1 t t))))

This can be accomplished with ReplaceRegexp and an evaluated Emacs Lisp replacement in Emacs 22.

  C-M-% STR1\|STR2 RET \,(if (string= "STR1" \1) "STR2" "STR1") RET

A library for handling lists of search and replacements, Lisp:regexpl.el, can do this with the following:

  (regexpl-search-replace-list '(("STR1" . "STR2") ("STR2" . "STR1")))

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