This package has been marked obsolete in Emacs 24.1. You should probably be using rx instead.

    <gbvb> kensanata: It makes so much more sense..
    <kensanata> gbvb: "it was hard to write, it should be hard to read"!!

Start by loading the symbolic regular expression engine:

    (require 'sregex)

You can also load it interactively, of course: M-x load-library RET sregex RET. From the help for the function ‘sregexq’ some examples:

    (sregexq (or "Bob" "Robert"))  =>  "Bob\\|Robert"
    (sregexq "M*A*S*H")  =>  "M\\*A\\*S\\*H"
    (sregexq (opt (or "Bob" "Robert")))  =>  "\\(Bob\\|Robert\\)?"
    (sregexq (group (or "Go" "Run"))
             ", Spot, "
             (backref 1))             =>  "\\(Go\\|Run\\), Spot, \\1"

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