This is my home page on This is also my first ever wiki homepage.

I am from Egypt, I am 28

I been using Emacs for a while now, and I really really like it!

I am interested in Emacs as tool that have a special maybe kinda unique design, and also a unique community. I expect that as I learn more about Emacs I will learn more about software in general, something in which I am also very interest.

Things I find Intreguing.

Ahlan! :) Unfortunately emacs-bidi is on hold right now until we can make the new Emacs release, and then the next step will be to integrate the emacs-unicode-2 branch, and only then will emacs-bidi be integrated into Emacs CVS. This means no Arabic in the current GNU Emacs… :( See DisplayEngineForArabic. – AlexSchroeder