The TECO editor, developed at MIT and DEC by DanMurphy, and its macro system would become the substrate for TecoEmacs. The acronym TECO stands for “text (formerly “tape”) editor and corrector”.

There is a teco interpreter written in elisp. The v7 version is here: Lisp:teco.el. (thanks to - MarkTKennedy) See TecoInterpreterInElisp for more details.

You can find an interpreter for several os there:

and an online copy of the pocket guide there:

An article by DanMurphy on the history of TECO, The Beginnings of TECO was published on 2009-10-31 and is available from a Web site on TENEX:

See also:

TECO-MODE Discussion

Would there happen to be a teco-mode somewhere? I frequently edit scripts written in a teco dialect called delta.

I have dcl mode which i use for hacking DCL on VMS. I’ve also got some other remote VMS editing type stuff you might find useful. - TimOCallaghan

I’m confused. I looked at the dcl-mode in CVS Emacs and the example dcl code doesn’t look familiar. I expected it to look, well, like teco. The following is an example of delta.

    :S!$?e hk ^\'
    1a:?d hk ^\'
    fu:lnum$ fu:spaces$ fu:save$
    -1c 81,.x:spaces$
    10,zx:save$ hk
    .<0a-32:?e hk ;'
      -1d iD$ -1c>
      iF $ g:lnum$ 0i
      71,32i zj 2,0I
      ICANT FIX LINE #$ g:lnum$ ht
      g:save$ ht
    fo:lnum$ fo:spaces$ fo:save$