tacl-mode.el provides emacs support for Tandem Advanced Command Language. A proprietary command language used on Tandem/NSK/Guardian systems. See TandemNskSupport for other Tandem specific modes.

Put the .el file into a directory in your LoadPath and add the following to your ~/.emacs file:

    (autoload 'tacl-mode "tacl-mode" "A major mode for editing TACL files." t nil)

When you are visiting a TACL macro file, use ‘M-x tacl-mode’ to activate the mode.

For best performance you should byte compile .el files but it’s not required. A CompiledFile usually runs faster. There should be no warnings when compiling this file.

See TandemNskSupport for a method of automatically recognizing the language of Tandem files since they don’t have an extension and coders often can’t stick a -*-tacl-*- comment in line 1.


If you are unfamiliar with this site, you can get files from the ElispArea.

Or go directly to tacl-mode.el from here.

ElDoc Support

This mode has builtin support for ElDoc mode. But there is no way to automate the generation of the help strings themsleves like TalMode can.

By default tacl-mode looks for a file named tacl-syntax.el which is expected to contain help string definitions. You can customize tacl-eldoc-def-files to look for a different file or even a list of files. The one I’ve uploaded contains around 750 doc strings I hope you find useful. Files on the tacl-eldoc-def-files list need only be somewhere on your LoadPath to be found.