I do not maintain most of these packages anymore due to lack of time. If you are interested in taking over any of them then let me know at the bottom of the page.

Packages maintained by me:

Packages maintained by others


Welcome to the wiki! :)AlexSchroeder

Thank you for all great stuff you wrote. Just a quick question: in what file-journal is different from recentf or similar ? – XavierMaillard

I really don’t know, since I’ve never used them. :) Do they provide a list of recent files grouped by date? - TamasPatrovics
Not exactly, at least for recentf (AFAIK). – XavierMaillard
FWIW, ‘icicle-recent-file’ lets you group file-name completion candidates by last modification date. You can filter and sort by dates. Icicles - File-Name InputDrewAdams

I want to take over anything.el. – rubikitch

AFAIK, you’re a fan of Anything, so I’m OK with it. Do you plan to keep your version in a public version control repo somewhere or here on the wiki? I’m asking it, because I want to have my last version preserved – TamasPatrovics

I use this wiki. – rubikitch
Okay, anything.el is yours. I indicated the change of maintainership on the Anything page. I hope you will take anything.el to new heights. :)TamasPatrovics

I can take on Lisp:file-journal.el. It’s pretty awesmoe. I’d like to keep it here on the wiki if that is alright. the changes I made set the variables to customizable variables, and added an exclusion list to the files. If you want your old version preserved, let me know. – JonathanArkell

It’s yours. I’m glad someone takes this idea further. It would probably be a good idea to link it to the different categories in the wiki (file opening, file history, etc) – TamasPatrovics

I just had to comment: yesterday I wrote a little simple-wiki mode, and then SpartanWiki shows up :P And even the “ideals” are the same: simple, no plans to do exporting, just for keeping my notes. Mine also has “back” buttons, uses header-line-format… At least I use multiple files instead of narrowing, otherwise there would be a complete overlap… – hsuh

any link to your simple wiki ?

Hot Damn, the anything package is so awesome. Thanks for your work on it. – JonathanArkell

Glad you like it. Writing it was fun too! :)TamasPatrovics

Are you still working on InPlaceAnnotations mode ? If not, I would like to take over maintainership since I am heavily using it here (and loving it). Thank you.

Nope. It’s yours if you want it.

I use and enjoy Lisp:tooltip-help.el very much and would like to take it over if that is OK with you. I have already made significant developments, in particular handling the case of the mouse pointer being in the way of the tooltip pop-up, and would like to release the new version here on the wiki if that is alright. If you are happy with my proposal and would like your original version preserved please let me know. – HenryWeller