This is the home of Guardian/NSK support for Emacs. It’s FreeSoftware.

If you arrived at this page thru a link or search engine you may not know:

Emacs is (arguably? Not really!) the most powerful text editor in the world. See the following for information on this site and Emacs.

If you are looking for ports there is a Guardian OSS port listed under CategoryPorts. This page is for user level stuff.

There is a Wish List at the bottom of this page. You now might add a wish that anyone will ever read it ;-)

The main things NSK users want that Emacs doesn't supply out-of-the-box.

  1. A way to remotely open files residing on an NSK machine from within Emacs.
  2. Highlighting and imenu support for proprietary languages like TAL, Tacl and DDL.
  3. A way to automatically recognize the language of files without name.extensions SEE BELOW.

If you’d like to help with creation of additional Tandem support *PLEASE CONTACT ME*. Help is most welcome because I’m no longer in a position to work on these modes any more although I’ll help you if you ask.

What's available here

For the sake of search engine indexing I’ll mention that this page is a good source for Emacs support for Tandem, Guardian, NSK proprietary languages such as TAL, pTAL, Scobol, DDL, TGAL, TForm, Enform and TACL. Support includes syntax highlighting, automatic indentation, symbol identification and all the other features for which Emacs is famous. Sorry, I never got around to the Tedit emulation. I really had some grand hopes.

ange-ftp for Guardian NSK

I started out using EFS because it contained Guardian/NSK support. It had some problems and I planned on trying to fix them but once I discovered that EFS doesn’t work at all with Emacs 22.0.50 I shifted focus toward making AngeFtp handle Guardian/NSK. My version of ange-ftp.el has ‘fully’ functional Guardian/NSK support. Since 22.0.50 was not a stable release mine might be out of sync but it should be a nit to re-sync them.

Either version of Ange-ftp should work out-of-the-box for the OSS environment but I never tried it. My version just adds extensions to support Guardian NSK. It should not change the behavior of ange-ftp on other hosts, including OSS. My version won’t work with 21.4 or prior versions of Emacs. Last I tried, EFS worked on the 21.2 version of Emacs. It’s NSK access was quirky but useable.

Auto Tandem Language Recognition

The following is an example of code you can put in your .emacs to recognize language. This is often necessary since there are no filename extensions on Tandem and many coders don’t have the option of putting a -*-tal-*- type comment in line 1. This doesn’t even attempt to recognize all cases but it shows a way you can create recognition for files you access most often.

(defadvice set-auto-mode
  (after my-determine-language last () activate)
  "When language is fundamental-mode; ACIMAKE, Cobol, DDL, TACL, & TAL modes are
   recognized if the standard ACI version line is present.
   Some other 1st line language indicators are also recognized."
  (if (eq major-mode 'fundamental-mode)
      (let ((mode nil))
        (save-excursion ; don't trash bookmark entrances 
          (goto-char (point-min))
          (if (looking-at "\\(\\*\\|!\\|#\\|{\\)\\*\\(SYNC\\|FIX.\\|SEQ.\\)\\.")
                (goto-char (min (1- (point-max)) (+ (point) 34)))
                (cond ((looking-at "DDL ")
                       (setq mode 'ddl-mode))
                      ((looking-at "TAL ")
                       (setq mode 'tal-mode))
                      ((looking-at "COBOL ")
                       (setq mode 'cobol-mode))
                      ((looking-at "SCOBOL ")
                       (setq mode 'cobol-mode))
                      ((looking-at "TACL ")
                       (setq mode 'tacl-mode))
                      ((looking-at "MAKE ")
                       (setq mode 'makefile-mode))))
            (if (looking-at (concat "\\(\\?TACL \\|==\\|\\?SECTION +\\"
                (setq mode 'tacl-mode)
              (if (looking-at "\\?SECTION +.+,TANDEM\\b")
                  (setq mode 'ddl-mode)
                (if (looking-at "\\?ANSI\\b")
                    (setq mode 'cobol-mode)
                  (if (looking-at "#[-*#=\n]")
                      (setq mode 'makefile-mode)
                    (if (looking-at "[!*] SCHEMA")
                        (setq mode 'ddl-mode)
        (if mode (funcall mode))))

Creating bookmarks for subvols

Since NSK ftp can’t return a list of subvols on a volume, you may want a convenient way to generate a bookmark file containing subvols. Here is a TACL macro that creates such a file


== EmacsVol <ange-ftp prefix> <subvol-template> <filename>
== This routine creates a file suitable for use by EMACS as a bookmark file.
== It creates a bookmark entry for every subvol matching the template you
== supply.  <filename> is the name of the bookmark file to be created.
== <ange-ftp prefix> Takes the following form.  Where you supply your USERID
==                   and the target system's IP-address for use by ange-ftp.
==                   /ftp:<userid>@<ip-address>:
== For Example

  #push :fname :subvol :bookmarks :template :prefix :outfile
  #if [#argument/value :prefix/word/space/]
  #if [#argument/value :template/subvoltemplate]
  #if [#argument/value :outfile/filename/syntax/]
  #set    :bookmarks ;;;; Emacs Bookmark Format Version 1 ;;;;
  #append :bookmarks ;;; This file was generated by EmacsVol TACL macro ;;;
  #append :bookmarks ;;; -*- End Of Bookmark File Format Version Stamp -*-
  #append :bookmarks (
  #charins :template ([#charcount :template] - 1) ?

  #set :fname [#filenames/maximum 1/[:template]]
    |while| not [#emptyv :fname]
      #set :subvol [#charget :fname 1 to ([#charfindr :fname 100 .] - 1)]
      #append :bookmarks ~_ ("[:subvol]"
      [#if [#match \* [:subvol]]
        |then| #set :fname /[#charget :subvol 2 for 100]
        |else| #set :fname [:subvol]
      #append :bookmarks ~_   ((filename . "[:prefix][:fname]")
      #append :bookmarks ~_    (position . 1)))
      #set :fname [:subvol].ZZZZZZZZ
      #set :fname [#filenames/previous [:fname],maximum 1/[:template]]
  #append :bookmarks )
  VCHANGE/QUIET/:bookmarks "~_" " "

  [#if [#fileinfo/existence/[:outfile]]
    |then| purge [:outfile]
  vartofile :bookmarks [:outfile]

Wish List

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