Here’s how to make a temporary (anonymous) Face with a specific property set (such as fore- or background color). The code sample is from AnsiColor.

(defun ansi-color-make-face (property color)
  "Return a face with PROPERTY set to COLOR.
PROPERTY can be either symbol `foreground' or symbol `background'.  

For Emacs, we just return the cons cell \(PROPERTY . COLOR).
For XEmacs, we create a temporary face and return it."
  (if (featurep 'xemacs)
      (let ((face (make-face (intern (concat color "-" (symbol-name property)))
			     "Temporary face created by ansi-color."
	(set-face-property face property color)
    (cond ((eq property 'foreground)
	   (cons 'foreground-color color))
	  ((eq property 'background)
	   (cons 'background-color color))
	   (cons property color)))))

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