Hi, my name is Ulrik Jensen, but everywhere online I go by the name Terry Patcher (abbreviated TerryP at times). I have been using Emacs for around 6 months now, and I am beginning to understand it :) I hope to be able to contribute alot to the Wiki, which I think has alot of great information for Emacs-users. I can be found on #emacs @ OPN, under the nick TerryP.

On a more personal note, I’m 18 years old, and I’m getting (I hope) my high-school exam this summer (Higher Technical Exam, exactly, which is a more “project”-oriented type of high-school, that also focuses more on the hard-sciences than on humanistic-subjects). After my exam, I’ll be serving as a conscientious objector for 9 months, and when I’m done with that, I’m gonna enroll as a CS-student on a University I think. But you never know what the future holds :) I live in Denmark.

I use Emacs.

I’ve been playing around with EmacsWikiMode, the result of which can be seen at my website: http://www.terryp.tk. The design is very similar to DamienElmes’, but I’ll fix that one day, haven’t been bored enough to actually do something creative with it yet :)

My .emacs, .gnus and .ercrc (self-invented name i guess, loaded from .emacs) can be found at:

[The terryp.tk and qcom.dk/ulrik websites don’t seem to exist anymore.]

Indeed. QCom domain has been taken over by someone else and I had the other one pulled off the web not long ago. I am at the moment without a web-presence! – I can be reached by e-mail, ulrikj is my username with gmail.com, if anyone needs me :-) – TerryPatcher

I can usually be reached on ICQ #23831876 or my email ulrik@qcom.dk, if I’m not on IRC.

If you want to test the first draft of my bash.org interface, it’s available here:

 #include <disclaimer.h>

Please comment on it, either here, on mail/icq or the EmacsChannel, if you try it :)

Well, your link makes my Phoenix crash… Hopefully, IE works. And your interface is not so bad anyway, good job ! :) – LucasBonnet

How and why I use Emacs

I started using GnuEmacs primarily because of LaTeX. This was around October/November of 2002, and I was just getting very tired of using Microsoft Word with MathType for my math and physics homework. So I started looking at LaTeX, and found out that Emacs seemed to be a preferred editor for it. I had played around with Emacs before, and tried to complete the tutorial, but I never quite got through it. At first, I switched back and forth between Emacs and TextPad (a decent, but nothing but, texteditor for windows) for my LaTeX-needs, but when someone presented me with a cheat-sheat for Emacs, explaining things like C-x 2 and C-x 3, and suddenly I became alot more interested in learning Emacs :) After a short while I started using it for all my programming needs, and I’m starting to learn lisp as well now, which I must say is not as scary as it seems at first :)


I’ve been an IRC-addict longer than I’ve been using Emacs, and I’ve gone through alot of different clients. Seeing as my primary platform is Windows (yet, I love what I’ve tried with UNIX, but I still have some things I need to work out before committing to a full convertion), the client I started with was ofcourse mIRC. I hated it. For one channel it was fine, but as soon as I started hanging out in 2 or 3 channels, it annoyed me more than it did me good. After having tried Epic4 in one of my early attempts with UNIX, I got a hold of a windows-port, and I loved it. Only thing was, it started to bail on me when I was in 4-5 channels, and wanted perhaps 2 windows for queries. My screen simply wasn’t big enough. Besides that, I constantly sent my messages to the wrong channels and such :) Then I learned about the EmacsWiki, and through here, I found ERC, the EmacsIRCClient. Just the power of having my favorite text-editor for IRC’ing, was an incredible boost. And when I got around to customizing it, everything just got better. My favorite feature has to be ErcChannelTracking, that allows me to follow everything going on, and still get some “work” done :) If it’s ERC’s features, or just the fact that it allows for me to use it like Emacs, or the fact that it is about as extensible as Emacs, anyhow, I have no doubt that ERC is the best IRC-client I’ve tried yet. :)

Mail / News

As a Windows-user, the “standard” mail-client is Outlook Express, but I can’t stand being subjected to vbscript viruses, and besides that, the client is just not nice to work with. After having tried UNIX, I started using PINE for my mail/usenet-needs, and I was rather satisfied. It served my needs, was simple, it wasn’t really very POP3-friendly, and I never quite learnt to use it with usenet properly. When I started using Emacs, I wanted to try Gnus, which I had heard of before, and since that I haven’t used anything else. I haven’t learned even a small fraction of what it can do yet, but it works practically just like I want it, and after getting a .gnus pasted together from different sources, I am quite happy with it. Some day I want to learn alot more about it though.

Things I want in Emacs


Welcome. – AlexSchroeder

Thank you, and thanks to the wiki for showing me more of what my Emacs can do :) – TerryPatcher

Another (belated) welcome :-) – DamienElmes

Are you using the last version of SimpleWikiEditMode (the tarball in savannah [1])? I saw your post on the Homepage of DavidBrady and the 14lenge function problem looks like a problem existing in a previous version of http-get. Let me know. --PierreGaston

Hmm, I just looked it over, and I don’t recall making those changes. I can’t see if they got added by me either (haven’t quite figured out what the revisions-page tells me yet). Anyway, I apologise if I messed something up :) I think I got my SimpleWikiEditMode by CVS from savannah, didn’t find any archives to download, and I heard on the EmacsChannel that something had just been fixed so it could actually be used with EmacsWiki :) This is from simple-wiki-edit.el: “;; Version: 1.0.7”, and this is from http-get.el: “;; Version: 1.0.8”. I’m editing this with M-x swc-emacswiki-browse, so the error should show up when i C-c C-c in a moment. I’ll edit the wiki with my regular browser until you tell me if something is wrong with my version, and how I should proceed :) – TerryPatcher
well download the tarball from the link above and everything will be fine . You indeed didn’t wrote something wrong that’s the unchunking of http1.1 that was faulty and sometimes eat some parts of the page and leave some 3ef hex numbers.
Okay, I updated and it works fine now (I think). Thanks for the advice :) – TerryPatcher

Wowee! How do you get Emacs to run with uncountable-many transparent frames receding into infinity, like you do on your Emacs Page at [2]?

Simple, use Gimp. ;) – TerryPatcher