tex-math-preview helps you preview TeX math expressions.


The following forms are recognised at point

The idea is to have point in the middle of such an expression and use M-x tex-math-preview to look at how it comes out. tex-mode (see TeX) has its own region previewing, and PreviewLaTeX has some fancy preview overlays, but tex-math-preview is meant to be minimal. It just shows an image or an error.

Previewing is done either with tex-dvi-view-command the same as tex-mode, or if you have the dvipng program then simply as an image in an Emacs buffer. The default is the latter if the display allows it, or you can customize the method with tex-math-preview-function.

The code adds a (thing-at-point 'tex-math), see ThingAtPoint, which you can use from Lisp code if you want to do something else with the maths too.