Textile-mode is a major mode, derived from text-mode, in order to help editing text with the Textile markup language.

It only does syntax highlighting for the moment, and is still in alpha version. It is my first attempt to make a major mode, and I didn’t have the time to choose beautiful faces for fontlocking, so don’t be afraid if you find the syntax-highlighted result ugly !

The page to get the code and some spare documentation is at :


For more information about textile, you can take a look at :


For information on converting textile to html via ruby within emacs, see:


There is also a minor mode that provide a function to convert small subset of textile into HTML


Any feedback would be greatly appreciated !

I have the converse of this, a project to convert Textile to XHTML, on my site at http://zancanda.staticcling.org/emacs/textile/ – I had planned someday to create a mode for editing Textile, but it seems like you have filled that bill. Maybe if my code ever passes the unit tests we could combine them into one package. – CharlesSebold