tinyeat.el is part of the TinyTools.


The default emacs keybindings aren’t the most convenient for quick deletion without saving to the kill ring. The tinyeat offers a lot of useful delete functionality. E.g. helpers for two kinds of deletion

and operations on words:

These features partly overlap with built-in emacs functionality:

  • delete without saving: mark region, hit DEL
  • subword-mode: Treat parts of CamelCase as separate words. (Even for navigation!)

Could be that TinyTools is older than these features.





I tweaked it a bit, here are some of my helpers:

(global-set-key [(delete)]		
    (lambda () 
       (re-search-forward "\\s-*" nil t) 
       (tinyeat-delete-whole-word))) ;; only because I'm too lazy to move forward to the next word to delete.

(global-set-key [(shift backspace)]		
    (lambda () 
      (re-search-backward "\\s-*" nil t) 
      (backward-char 1) 
      (tinyeat-delete-whole-word))) ;; another lazy thing

;; I want to paste something I just saved to the kill ring without having the current region get saved.
(global-set-key "M-del" 'delete-region) 

Just my bindings. The tiny tools are great tho, I highly recommend them – AaronBrady