First, a warning: todo-gnus.el and nntodo.el are orphaned.

Both are implemented as Gnus backends, every todo item is an article, given a priority in a todo group. nntodo.el from JohnWiegley is the successor of KaiGrossjohann’s todo-gnus.el.

nntodo.el is available at:

and todo-gnus.el at:

To use nntodo.el, first add those lines to your ~/.gnus:

    (require 'gnus-sum)
    (require 'nntodo)
    (setq nntodo-mbox-file "~/.nntodo")

Then go into the Server Buffer (with ^) and add there a new Server (with a; nntodo as server method) Now go back to the group buffer and add your new todo-group (with G m and nntodo as the method). You can’t access an empty group, so first you eigther have to create a message (C-u a in the group buffer, when over the group’s name) or copy/move a message (B c or B m) to the group.

You maybe don’t want todo groups to be hidden, if there are no unread items.

    (setq gnus-permanently-visible-groups "^nntodo+") 

Also it could be usefull to see always all todo items, regardless if they are marked as unread or read:

    (setq gnus-parameters
	     (display . all))))

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