My name is Travis Hartwell (I hang out on IRC as Nafai – see me on #emacs!) and I have been using Gnu Emacs for roughly 3 years now and realize each day that I don’t know near enough about this. I started using Emacs due to a few reasons: A professor at my university gave a workshop for our university’s LUG about beginning Emacs usage. Around the same time I started using Python and I had some odd problems with vim and combining tabs and spaces that caused some syntax errors. I switched to Emacs and haven’t looked back. I have a fairly customized setup and I will later add stories here about how I use Emacs similar to what SachaChua has done. Most of my customization and use ideas have come from many of the Emacs gurus that I know, such as JohnWiegley and DamienElmes.

Currently, I use Emacs for:

Admittedly, I use vim for a lot of the remote sys-admin tasks I do for work. Because of my increased proficiency in this I have become interested in Viper-Mode in Emacs but haven’t had time to learn it.

I wish to also here:

I don’t really have a home page with content, but I can be found here: