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I found a small bug in twittering-mode.el (downloaded 05/14/09). In twittering-http-get-default-sentinel on line 467 the regex

 "HTTP/1\.[01] \\([a-z0-9 ]+\\)\r?\n"

needs to be changed to

 "HTTP/1\.[01] \\([a-zA-Z0-9 ]+\\)\r?\n"

otherwise reponses with capital letters in the reason phrase (such as 200 OK) will cause an error. --nwidger

Both TwIt and twitter.el use http instead of https. Sending passwords in the clear is not cool. Any reason for this other than url-retrieve is not particularly elegant to use when it comes to https connections? – PeterSanford

I just changed twit-base-url in twit.el to and it worked using gnutls-cli I think it should be made default and it can fall back to normal http if no TLS helper program is available – KousikNandy

@PeterSanford I used your Elisp OAuth library (here) while writing µblog.el – Artagnon

twit.el uses https by default now.

What bothers me about twitter.el is that there is no real major mode when looking at the friends timeline – no major mode map to add more keybindings, not hook to add GotoAddress to make all URLs clickable. And I have not figured out how to read my friends timeline using twit.el. I found that identica-mode.el was based on twittering-mode.el and I got it to work after setting username and password. – AlexSchroeder

I’ve been using twittering-mode for the last couple of days and it’s the most comfortable Twitter client I’ve used so far (for any platform, not just Emacs). It displays images, has clickable URLs and is nice to use with the keyboard. Upstream also welcomes patches, I sent a few with new features and some of them have already been committed. – AlbertoGarcia

@AlexSchroeder - I’ve added a major mode to twitter.el for viewing the timeline. Hope that helps. I’ve also added a reply feature. – NeilRoberts

µblog.el is under heavy (!) development. Several features are unimplemented and it’s riddled with bugs. – Artagnon

why all this twitter client for emacs give me error message:

Search failed: "


who can help me?

Suddenly I get this error message from my twitteringmode client. Strange thing is it was working fine before. Any clues?

error in process sentinel: Search failed: “^M? ^M?

Thanks in advance.

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