You can upload an image to a page, replacing the text on that page. A page can contain only text or an image. You can inline these images on other pages, of course.

Standalone Images

Here are the steps to create an image and link to it. The image appears on a Web page by itself.

  1. Edit a page that you want to link to the image page.
  2. Create a link to a page named after the image by typing its name, eg. Here is a screenshot: MyScreenShotPage
  3. Click Save to render the page. A question-mark link will appear after the image-page name in the preview: Here is a screenshot: MyScreenShotPage?
  4. Open the question-mark link in another browser window.
  5. Click on Replace this text with a file at the bottom of the page. (MyScreenShotPage, in this example.)
  6. Click Browse and choose the image file you want to upload to the Web page.
  7. Click Save to upload the image and save it on the new page.

NOTE: Avoid Internet Explorer for the uploading (see EmacsWikiProblems).

Inline Images

Here are the steps to make an image appear in line, together with text and other images on the same Web page.

  1. Follow the steps above, placing a link to the image page where you want the image to appear in line.
  2. Change the link to this form: [[image:MyScreenShotPage]].

The image page still exists, but the link to it does not appear. Instead, the image is displayed in place of the link.

Limits on the Number of Inlined Images

Note that this wiki is protected by a SurgeProtector: You are only allowed 10 hits in 20 seconds. If you inline images stored on wiki pages, then every image counts as another hit. Assume a visitor does nothing for 20 seconds, and then visits a page with 10 inlined images. With the 10 hits allowed in 20 seconds, you will be able to load the page itself, and 9 inlined images. The last image will not load. You can try it yourself by reloading this page more than 10 times: You’ll get an error: Too many connections from xxx!

Limits on the File Size

The wiki is limits uploaded files to half a megabyte. If your image is very large, or worse, if it is an animated GIF or the like, you won’t be able to upload it.

And that brings us to the next topic…

External Images

As Emacs Wiki is served via HTTPS, many browsers will refuse to load images from other domains. That’s why you should not inline images from other sites. On browsers who refuse to load the images, you’ll get nothing. The image will simply be missing.

You have two options:

  1. copy the image to Emacs Wiki (if license and file size allow it)
  2. link to the external image (this always works…)